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About Hellenic News of America

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The Hellenic News of America is a comprehensive and highly informative monthly bilingual newspaper with news and commentary about issues affecting the United States, Greece and Cyprus, as well as, local Greek American community news in both English and Greek languages. A total of 12,800 copies of each issue are distributed every month throughout the United States, with a high concentration on the East Coast. Our growing mailing list of subscribers and friends includes more than 7,600 businesses. Written in a pleasant, easy to read format, the Hellenic News has among its readers thousands of Greek American professionals and business people, Legislators, US Senators and Congressional Representatives, Governors and Mayors throughout the country. The Hellenic News of America is at the forefront of the Greek American community for both social and business concerns and plans to expand the market area with each issue. Every month, thousands of Greek Americans await the newspaper for upcoming events and to learn about Greek American business. Taking the highly successful newspaper to a greater national scale is a logical progression and one that will serve to promote the cohesiveness of the Greek American community throughout the United States.


From the 20th Anniversary of the Hellenic News of America at the Concordville Inn in Concordville, PA where over 400 guests from the 5 State Area attended the Dinner in honor and support of the publication. L-R Chris Christakis, Chairman US-GBAC, Ted Spyropoulos, SAE USA Coordinator, Honorable Aris Melissaratos (Honoree), Paul Kotrotsios, Founder & Publisher The Hellenic News of America, George Orfanos, former Secretary of the Athletics 2004 Olympic Games.


The Hellenic News of America was founded in 1987, by Paul Kotrotsios, a graduate of the University of Thessaloniki, and St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA., and an independent team of Greek Americans who recognized the need for a high quality publication promoting and preserving Hellenism, targeting the Greek American community in the tri-state area as well as nationwide. The Hellenic News of America is a Member of the Delaware Press Club, Pennsylvania Publishers Association, Elomme and Olomme.

The Hellenic News of America feature internationally renown writers, journalists, University professors, priests and politicians. Some of them are: Gilda Morigi, Dr. Dean C. Lomis, Chris Iliopoulos, Athena Dallas Damis, Hon. Mike Bilirakis, Hon. Mike Pappas, Hon. Steven Corodemus, Jerry Bloom, Stelio Maroulis, Barbara Ann Zippi, Chris Morris, Yiannis Fasoulas, Osia Sigioultzi. They are complemented by US Congressman Frank LoBiondo, Eugene Rossides and Dr. Michael Geokas, Aurelia Smeltz, Beverly Selby.

The newspaper has been a strong factor in developing communication and cohesion among the Greek American communities in the area it serves. It is a national leader in supporting and developing Greek American business networking. The newspaper organizes and sponsors the Hermes Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Javits Center in New York and Navy Pier in Chicago. The Expo is a two-day trade and business show where businesses set up booths from which they promote their products or services. Even though the participating businesses are mostly owned by Greek Americans, the event is widely attended by a diverse crowd including the Greek American community and the American community social, political, cultural and business organizations. Hellenic News of America, together with the Hermes Expo, are at the forefront of business development and networking in the Greek American community. In this way, the newspaper provides, not only a strong social, cultural and community bond but also the bond of networking in the business world.

The Hellenic News of American is continuously looking to expand its influence and reach more Greek Americans and Phil Hellenes on a national scale. The following communities have been selected as target areas to accomplish this purpose: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Washington DC. Metropolitan areas in addition to New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland. Success in publishing in these additional cities requires strong local assistance and participation. These communities will receive 4, 000 newspapers mailed directly to business people in the region and be provided with two to eight pages each for their local news and advertising. The monthly level of advertising income and subscription sponsorship from each community is projected to be substantial with the involvement of the local members of these vibrant communities.








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