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“Thank you so much for contacting me regarding the foreign assistance program of the United States.  I will be sure to keep them in mind as congress takes up related measures.”

Curt Weldon, Member of Congress (R-PA)

“Thank you so much for the coverage that you gave our awards of the Moral Courage.  We have already received contributions due to your article and are greatly appreciative.”

Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos, Yiannena Temple, New York, NY


“It gives me great pleasure to send the warmest congratulations as you celebrate the anniversary of the Hellenic News of America.  You are sharing traditions and culture with today’s younger generation encouraging them to embrace their ethnic legacy.  Our country’s history has been built upon such contributions and customs of people from allover the world.  On his special anniversary, I extend best wishes for continued success.”

Robert P. Casey, former Governor of PA


“Your newspaper is a great source of information for community events, and informs its readers of developing issues in Greece.  I wish to thank you for your contribution to the Greek community by servicing it with the Hellenic News.”

Gilda Koutsiouroumbas, President St.Luke church in Broomall, PA


“Your newspaper makes an important contribution to the Greek-American community in this region by providing a responsible and respected source of news and features on a regular basis.”

David C. Larsen, Director, Arcadia University, PA


“I would like to express my sincere congratulations for the successful idea of the Hermes Expo trade show, that brings Greek-American business and people together. Wishing you continuous successes.”

Dinos Kontargiris


“Your paper is characterized by its dedication to the service of Hellenism in America and you are to be commended for this service.  Your discerning readers, whether they be Greek, Greek-Americans will find the thoughts expressed timely and informative.”

Dr. Christos Evangeliou, Professor of Philosophy Towson University


“For the past decade, The Hellenic News of America has kept its subscribers informed about national issues that pertain to the Hellenic-American interests.  However, the respect you have gained by promoting and supporting Hellenic-American interest foes far beyond the Greek community.  Congratulations and may you have continued success in the future.”

Rick Santorum, United States Senate (R-PA)


“Thank you for committing to work so hard in the Greek community.  I am grateful for your commitment and support and I am happy to count you as my friend.”

Ron Klink, House of Representatives (D-PA)


“Your publication serves as a vital link to the Greek-American community.  Not only are your readers educated by its contents, but they benefit by affirming an invaluable connection to their heritage.”

George H. Ryan, Governor of Illinois


“Congratulations!  To the publishers of the Hellenic News, and specifically to the chief editor, on the 15th Anniversary of your distinguished publication.”

John A. Limberakis, Pastor St. Sophia’s Valley Forge, PA


“I have followed your growth over the past ten years and wish you continued success!!”

Gus Koukoulis, Vice President, Bank of New York, NY

“May I avail myself of the opportunity to emphasize the importance of  The Hellenic News.  One could easily characterize it as an Omni luminous beacon of Greek cultural heritage, language and social values for the whole Greek-American community.”

Kostas Al.  Karamanlis, Prime Minister, GR


“Please allow me to express the gratitude of the entire AHEPA 5th District of NJ and DE, and that of the volunteers of the AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation, for your most generous contribution.  Your kind gesture gave the opportunity and means to our charitable organization to present to a large number of visitors at the Hermes Expo.  Thank you for your generosity, grateful for your support.”

George N. Righos, Vice-Chairman, AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation


“This communication is to acknowledge your very generous contribution to the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia.  Contribution, such as yours, helps us in our mission to contribute to the economic growth in this region.  Many Thanks.”

Bruce Pansius, Director-Finance & Administration, Camden NJ


“On behalf of the trustees and myself, we thank you for all of the courtesies that you have so kindly extended to the 5th District AHEPA.  It is only through generosity such as you have shown to the foundation, that we are able to have success for our mission of raising funds for cancer research.”

Stathia Marousis, Foundation Chairlady, AHEPA Edison NJ


“I am most pleased to join with the readers of the Hellenic News in expressing my deep appreciation for 17 years of extraordinary service to the cause of Hellenism and the Greek-American community.  In this relatively short period, the Hellenic News has brought the community closer together through its extensive coverage of Greek-American life and those issues of concern to the peoples of America and Greece.”

Paul Sarbanes, United States Senator, Washington DC


“My sincere congratulations for 18 years of publishing the Hellenic News of America.  Your newspaper is a major tool in preserving our history and culture and promoting education, creating opportunities for business and representing opinions of young and old from every spectrum in the United States in which we live.”

Ted G. Spyropoulos, President, T.G.S. Petroleum Inc.


“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the Hellenic News of America.  The HNA has helped many Greek-Americans stay connected with Greece, build valuable financial ties between America and Greece, and develop social relationships around the world.  On behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I congratulate the Hellenic News of America for the contributions it has made to the Greek-American community in our commonwealth and around the nation.”

Edward G. Rendell, Governor of PA


“On behalf of everyone at the American Hellenic Institute Foundation, I extend to your our warmest congratulations on the 17th Anniversary Celebration of the Hellenic News of America.  Over the years, your publication has been an invaluable service to the Greek-American community.”

Gene Rossides, American Hellenic Institute Inc,. Washington DC


“Please keep up the good work.  I thank you for your respect for my scared ministry, for accepting my support and for everything that you do in service to the Greek-American community of our region.”

Steven J. Vlahos, St. Demetrios, North Wildwood NJ


“My congratulations and best wishes to you, your family and, staff for 18 years of HNA.  The entire Greek-American community can be thankful that the same commitment to inform that began 18 years ago keeps the lights on well into the night to this day.”

Curt Weldon, Member of Congress, Washington DC


“You did such a wonderful job writing about the republication of my book.  Many thanks for your consideration.”

Nicholas Gage


“I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, not only for your support for Cyprus, but also for your friendship and camaraderie in creating this stimulating environment that has been a wellspring for our progress and the source of much personal satisfaction.”

Dennis C. Droushiotis, Trade Commissioner, New York NY

“My sincere congratulations to you, your family and staff for a job well one in 18 years of publishing the HNA.”

Peter N. Yiannis, President, Tri-State American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture, Washing DC


“I wish to extend to you’re my warmest and heartfelt best wishes on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary Celebration of the HNA.  I commend you and the Editorial Committee on the success of your publication.  May God bless you and all the faithful of the Hellenic News of America as you continue in your worthy endeavors.”

Archbishop Iakovos


“Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of the Hellenic News of America.  Your independent bilingual publication has become a rich source of information for the large and diverse Greek-American community.”

George Bistis, Chief, Voice of America, Washington DC


“I am most pleased to extend warm congratulations and greetings to all gathered for the 15th Anniversary Celebration of the Hellenic News of America.  I appreciate this opportunity to recognize your success and commend your commitment to the Hellenic American community.”

Paul Sarbanes, United States Senator, Washington DC







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