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Aris Melissaratos: Heart and Soul of Hermes International Expo

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aris melissaratos


Aris Melissaratos: Heart and Soul of Hermes International Expo



By Catherine Tsounis



“My family comes from the village of Troianatta near Argostoli, Cephalonia,” said Aris Melissaratos. Pride in one’s Greek roots.  Devotion to the success of Hermes Expo for ten years. These are some of the many Projects Mr. Melissaratos has devoted his life’s mission.


“Hermes  Expo brings people together,” he continued. Paul Kotrotsios networks and sees the value of advertising.  Pan Gregorian Enterprises is supported by the Hermes Expo, enabling them to use collective power in helping their members.  Since the early days of my sharing with Paul the writing of my book, “INNOVATION: the Key to Prosperity-Technology and America’s Role in the 21st Century Global Economy”, he has been a consistent and committed supporter offering personal advice, encouragement and the resources of his extensive network of publication and trade show associates. Mr. Kotrotsios’ encouragement and the interest shown by the Greek-American community and my co-author N.J. Slabbert, has inspired another book, “THE SWORD OF ZEUS: THE HIDDEN STORY OF HOW GREECE SHAPED WORLD WAR II.  We will need Paul Kotrotsios’ Greek-American connections when we embark on the fundraising activity to produce a full length movie that sets Greece’s role in the Second World War and Western Civilization in proper perspective.”


Mr. Melissaratos explained that he “had the opportunity to participate in the seminar portion of the Hermes Expo for six years.  You (Paul Kotrotsios) and seminar coordinator Aris Chrisatakis have allowed this seminar to grow. The inclusion of the Hellenic Medical societies and the annual presentation from the European Union fulfills a cultural and intellectual path to the future.  The Hellenic New is a platform for informing and communicating to the Greek-American population and their trading partners in the Mid-Atlantic.


Mr. Ari Melissaratos, the backbone of Hermes Expo International explained that “when I was in Greece, I read  ‘30,000 Leagues under the Sea’ by Jules Verne.   I was born in Romania to Cephalonian and Chian parents. The communist regime confiscated our property.  We fled to Greece.  I immigrated at the age of thirteen years old to the U.S.A.  I studied at John Hopkins College, working eight days a week.  Later I worked for Westinghouse, seeing all of Jules Verne’s dreams become a reality.  My job is basically managing people.  Listening to what they want to be.  I pay close attention to person’s goals, advise and redirect them.


Ari Melissaratos revealed he “works seven days a week helping our youth.  Every person must network. If you start in McDonald’s, start at the bottom and move ahead.  Earn a job.  Do not wait for it to be handed to you.  Impress your peers.”  His viewpoint describes a thought from Epicurus (341-270 B.C.) that states “It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us.”









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