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Ted Spyropoulos Honored at 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Hellenic News of America

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Ted Spyropoulos Honored at 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Hellenic News of America

By Catherine Tsounis


“As Hellenes, we have inherited an important ancestral spiritual legacy which has survived through the passing of millennia,” explains Theodore (Ted) Spyropoulos, President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, USA Region (SAE) on their website. “All ideas and values, which we culturally represent, are universal and continually contemporary. Our inheritance also bequeathed to us the historic duty and responsibility to be constantly relevant and accountable to humanity. In the era of the Universal Human, “Homos Universalis”, these ideas and values could very well constitute the foundations of the new globalized society.”

Theodore Spyropoulos’ outstanding leadership in our global society was honored on October 14th, 2012 at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Hellenic News of America (HNA) newspaper in the Concordville Inn-Best Western Hotel & Conference Center in Concordville, Pennsylvania.  “Mr. Spyropoulos was unable to attend because of a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Athens, fulfilling his role as President of SAE,” explained HNA Publisher Paul Kotrotsios. “Mr. Spyropoulos sent Mariyana Spyropoulos, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Illinois, to represent him. She is one of the future rising leaders of the Greek American community.”Mariyana_Spyropoulos_Award_25th_Hellenic_News_of_America

Commissioner Spyropoulos accepted the award for her Father saying “I particularly congratulate the Honorable Paul Kotrotsios for his vision to establish this much needed publication as well as the Hermes Expo at a critical time in the community. “ I also congratulate him and the entire event committee for recognizing all of the Hermes Awards Honorees: U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Karabots, President & Mrs. Theodore Spyropoulos and The Hellenic News of America Awards Honorees: Dr. Dean Lomis, Stella Kokolis, John Lois and Pete Pashalis for all of their contributions to the community. Since its inception, The Hellenic News has recognized the value of public service, encouraging and acknowledging those who make it a priority.”

 President of SAE Theodore Spyropoulos thanked Mr. Kotrotsios in a unique Greek letter in the Anniversary Journal. “I congratulate the “Hellenic News of America” for its beneficial services not only to the Greek American community, but the American and international public on the 25th Anniversary of the bilingual newspaper,” he said. “I congratulate Mr. Paul Kotrotsios, his team and efforts of the “Greek Youth of America” to maintain their heritage, culture and be a bridge of the two countries. The newspaper welcomes all the views of the Greek Americans of the Diaspora. HNA gives the Greek American generation the opportunity to express their thoughts, problems and their needs. Surely the road of our community will be poor without the voice of HNA. I wish all the contributors of the successful publication support and strength in order to continue their work.”

SAE President Spyropoulos believes, according to a CNN interview that "(Greeks) have an obligation to go (Home) because Greece needs the help right now. There's been a call from outside that Greece needs help." Spyropoulos added his organization has launched a campaign to encourage Greek-Americans to travel there.

Theodore Spyropoulos was born in Kalavryta, Greece. This is a town and a municipality in the mountainous east central part of the regional unit of Achaea, Peloponnese. He is an advocate of education, providing assistance to Hellenic American Youth. Theodore Spyropoulos studied political science at the university level in Greece. Today, he takes interest in preserving Hellenic Studies at the university level across campuses throughout the United States.

He is President of T.G.S National Wholesalers, a partner of A&T Oil Company, President of T.G.S. Epsilon, President of CAM2 International Manufacturing and Marketing Chemicals and Lubricants and Chairman of HERMES Expo International, along with CAM2 International Manufacturing and Marketing Chemical and lubricants. Some of Spyropoulos’ other notable positions include his role as the Director of GTE Engineering, Automotive Wholesalers of Illinois and as chairman of Hermes Expo International.YMvisuals_-_Hellenic_News_25th_Anniversary_59

The dynamic leader was President of the Hellenic American National Council, President of ENOSIS of Hellenic American Organizations of Illinois President and Founder of the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce, USA. He is Vice Chairman of the American Hellenic Institute (AHI). Mr. Spyropoulos is Chairman and Founder of the Spyropoulos Scholarship for Hellenic-American Students in the USA and Hellas as well as the Technonopolis, Thrace, Hellas, International.

“How do we envision the society of the future?” he asks on the SAE website. “Self-knowledge as a national entity. Primarily, we ought to redefine our cultural identity regardless of where we live; to question ourselves as to “what we represent as Hellenes of today?” and “who we are”. Ancient Hellenes urge us to embark on our journey with self-knowledge. Aristotle said that “the mind ought to observe itself. “Parmenides added to this, saying that, “understanding and being are the same thing”. Self-knowledge, thus, should be our first priority -- self-knowledge as individuals as well as a national entity (Symposium on Reviving the Delphic Idea, Delphi 2006). Fortunately, in our quest we have the most perfect tool enlisted on our side, namely the Greek language. The Greek language and the mind constitute tools of thought and self-knowledge.”

The SAE President believes “The Greek language offers us the opportunity to reach self-knowledge and an understanding of the meaning of life, as it is the richest language among all others. Knowledge is power, and is accessible to all in this time of technological and informational explosion. We owe it to our ancestors to revisit and recover our historic past. It does not suffice to evoke the offerings of our ancestors in the areas of Paideia and Civilization. We ought to study, comprehend and transmit these offerings. Therefore, our second priority is the recovery of Hellenic Paideia.”

Mr. Spyropoulos asserts that “Despite the tremendous development of technology, science, and economy, modern humanity faces a most serious issue of Paideia. Today’s man has turned into himself (introversion), has specialized knowledge rather than broad knowledge, and chases after material wealth -- all facts that sometimes make understanding and controlling the conditions he has created impossible. The modern lifestyle also isolates us and renders us enemies of nature and the environment; it distances us from our social nature and renders us antisocial, as well.”Anna_Zoulis_Mariyanna_SPyropoulos_APhrodite_Kotrotsios_Eleni_Beli_Stavroula_Kotrotsios_Despina_Siolas_25th_Hellenic_News_of_America

He advocates a new direction for globalization. “What globalization must aim at is the way to achieve harmonious co-existence among different people and the tolerance of diversity,” he strongly believes. “Thus, we need to search for the common elements that unite us as a human society, and these necessary elements cannot be anything else but the lasting fundamental values of Hellenism: democracy, freedom, peace, and the respect of individual, social and civil rights of all men.” He is an outstanding person who is giving back to society. We are all honored to know Theodore (Ted) Spyropoulos, the 25th Anniversary Honoree of the Hellenic News of America.

Links: http://www.saeusa.org/http://articles.cnn.com/2011-06-28/travel/us.greece.travel.economy_1_greek-economy-greek-americans-greece?_s=PM:TRAVEL

http://www.nhsaofamerica.org/conventions/past-conventions/spring-2011-chicago-il/keynote-speakers-and-mentors/ - National Hellenic Student Association (NHSA) of America Conference

Hellenic News of America 25th Anniversary Journal Book.

Photo 1 - Mariyana Spyropoulos, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Illinois, to represent him

Photo 2 - Commissioner Spyropoulos thanking all for the honor on behalf of her father , Theodore Spyropoulos.

Photo 3 (L-R)- Paul Kotrotsios, Drs. Spiro & Amalea Spireas, Mariyana Spyropoulos and Nikos Papakonstanou.

Photo 4 (L-R)- Anna Zoulis, Mariyana Spyropoulos, Aphrodite Kotrotsios, Eleni Belizonsi, Stavroula Kotrotsios, Despina Siolas.









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