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The King’s Layer Cake Review

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The King’s Layer Cake Review
By: Markos Papadatos

The elaborate “King’s Layer Cake” consists of five layers: chocolate sponge, cheesecake, as well as a layer of Bavarian chocolate cream in the middle and a thick layer of chocolate. Pastry chef Peter Athanasatos from Long Island’s Spartan Diner (situated in Farmingdale, New York) gives the Hellenic News of America an exclusive glimpse of his recipe for this sweet delight.
According to Mr. Athanasatos, the cake begins with his signature chocolate sponge recipe that is comprised of cocoa, oil, flour, sugar and eggs. Then he places a thicker version of his cheesecake (which is separated into two layers) in between the chocolate sponge layers and he lines them up with Bavarian chocolate cream and couples them with chocolate chips. The melted chocolate ganache on top adds the final touch of flair and necessity. One “King’s Layer Cake” is enough to serve 12 portions.
kings layer cake aEver since it was first introduced in the diner, it has quickly become a favorite among its patrons and rightfully so. In summation, this layer cake is fit for a “king” or any fan that appreciates gourmet food because when the chocolate sponge, Bavarian chocolate cream, chocolate chips and its inner cheesecake hit your taste buds, you have the tendency to melt along with the chocolate. The cake is topped with chocolate ganache, which adds to its savory taste and enhances its appeal. Bon Appetit!

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